Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Reader's Profile

It is difficult for many people to discuss the types of books they enjoy, and surprisingly I found that even as a library student, I am no different. So to try to make my profile as thorough as possible, I will try to break down my preferences into categories.

CHARACTER: I prefer books that are very character-based. I like to relate to the main character, but also enjoy sometimes reading about "evil" characters. I enjoy books that have multiple story lines of multiple characters that intersect, but still prefer having one main character that it always comes back to. I read mainly books that have a woman as the main character.

PLOT: I enjoy some action in the books I read, to keep things moving, but they can also have more character-driven story lines. I enjoy a somewhat twisted plot that makes it difficult for me to predict the ending, but also read more light-hearted material, as well.

SETTING: I mainly prefer books that happen in "current" times, so the time period is something I can relate to. However, I do sometimes enjoy historical fiction. I do not often read futuristic stories. As for the actual place, I do not have a preference. I enjoy learning about places I have never been through books, but also like relating to books that happen in places just like where I live.

LANGUAGE: In the most general terms, I read books written in English. However, I sometimes enjoy novels written in a more historical language, such as Victorian. Once I adjust to the different language, I enjoy those books as well. I do, however, usually prefer a more straightforward approach and care less about the prose.

GENRE: I enjoy romance and suspense, as well as humor in the books I read. I like thrillers, but they have to be more of a psychological one. I do not like "scary" material. I do also enjoy some fantasy.

PACING: I like the books I read to keep a rather brisk pace. I am not opposed to some down time between plot points, but also do not enjoy books that "drag". Since I do like character-based stories, I appreciate time to get to know the characters and their thoughts, but it must not be too much of the story.

MOOD: Generally, I enjoy light-hearted books that end happily but deal with struggles. I like mysteries and suspense books, but I also want humor in them. I do not like a book to be too dark.

RELATIONSHIPS: I really enjoy series that enable me to get to know many characters throughout several books, but allow me to focus mostly on one during each book. Friendship and romantic relationships are very prevalent in the books I read.

CONTENT: Sexuality, violence, and profanity are usually common in the books I read, as well as the humor and happier themes. I do not really have a limit on the amount that I can handle.

LENGTH: I prefer books that I can finish in a couple of days, but I do read for many hours so that can mean anything under 500 pages, normally. I do sometimes read books larger than that, but rarely. I mostly read before bed or have to work time into my schedule for it, so I try not to have books that require me to stop a lot. I actually enjoy reading a whole book in a day.